Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Tokyo Must-Go Bucket List

Shit I'm so madly excited. Just got news that I'll be going to Tokyo, Japan this year.

The company had a target to hit for the past month and with the incredible hard work of the entire team, we managed to exceed it. At the beginning, most if not all, felt that the goal was impossible but with constant encouragement from the boss who absolutely believed we can, the team actually did it.

We were all still at work on Chinese New Year Eve when the good news broke, and the atmosphere immediately exploded with a sense of achievement and excitement. Even the usual cool and composed personalities couldn't contain the exhilaration hahahaha man, what a great feeling. So grateful to have experienced that priceless moment.

As a reward, the company will be sending the entire team on a trip to Japan! YAY!

On the assumption that we'll go to Tokyo, my thoughts led me to think about the many places that I've yet to visit in Tokyo. I've been there four times, but still, there are so much to see. As an excuse to dive into countless travel articles and guides, here's my personal list of yet-to-go-therefore-must-go places in Tokyo as personal reference for upcoming trips (YES, TRIPS) in the future.

1. Tokyo Skytree

A relatively new landmark in town, also the tallest structure in Japan, Tokyo Skytree offers breath-taking views of the city from the observation deck and well, shopping complex below hahaha! Plus the Sumida Aquarium and Konica Minolta Planeterium. I hear about the cute Moomin House Café as well. The first time I was in Tokyo, the tower was completed but not open for the public yet. On the second visit, it was just launched so the crowd was crazy and it was a hot humid summer and I just cannot I just cannot hahahaha

View of Tokyo Skytree from Sensoji Temple, Asakusa.

2. Ebisu Garden Place

Because Hana Yori Dango, duh. Or more specifically, Matsomoto Jun hehe the iconic spot where he stubbornly waited for Tsukushi under the rain. When she finally did, reluctantly, arrive they went on their first date and the rest is history. Ahh the drama series that sparked my obsession with Arashi, this is an absolute must-go! I don't know why I missed it in the previous trips. 

Photo taken from Mia's site hehe more Hanadan film locations there!

3. Landscape Gardens

Either Rikugien Garden or Koishikawa Garden, or both. Beautiful traditional landscape gardens in the heart of a bustling metropolitan? Sign me up please. These two gardens were built more than 400 years ago, can you imagine all the effort and care poured to maintain the beauty? I'd love to take a leisurely stroll around and you know, take lots of photographs for Instagram hahaha apparently it's best to go during spring or autumn. Look at it, just look at it.

Rikugien Garden 

Koishikawa Garden

Photo credits to my travel bible, the only guide you'll ever need.

4. Sanrio Puroland

Hang out with Hello Kitty, Kiki & Lala, My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, and many other cute Sanrio characters in a pretty pastel world. Wonderful. I should have went there last time!  

5. Tokyo DisneySea

First and only in the world! An adult version of Tokyo Disneyland, the concept is supposedly inspired by myths and legends of the sea. I heard alcohol is served here too teehee

6. Cosmo Clock 21

Technically located in Yokohama but close enough to Tokyo for a quick stop. I absolutely love ferris wheels and it was really a dream come true to finally see the Cosmo Clock 21 with my own eyes back in 2012. I was borderline obsessed with this particular ferrris wheel hahahaha sadly, it was closed by the time I got there so next time, I'd want to get on it for a ride. I bet the view must be impressive!

Mesmerizing lights. 

7. Roppongi Hills

For a stunning view of Tokyo Tower standing tall in the midst of the bustling city, I need to get to Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills! I'm particularly excited for the open air sky deck on the roof for a clear, unobstructed view. Need. To. Get. That. Iconic. Shot. And. Instagram. It. 

Photo from here.

So that's my list, as far as I could think of. There are many more places that I'd love to revisit, such as the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, but let's make time for the new sights first okay hahaha hope I'll be able to at least cross one or two things off this list on the upcoming trip. If I don't, well, more reasons to go back to Tokyo again hahahah not too soon though, my next plan will be Hokkaido in winter, February 2016, let's go! 

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