Monday, February 9, 2015

New Hair Color at Number76 Hair Salon!

I'm so excited with my new hair color, done just in time for Chinese New Year celebrations hehe one day I'll do a hair-volution post to sum up all my hair colors, that'll be fun! I've had my hair colored since I was 19 years old. Seven years!! Shit I'm old fml.

I don't know why this time it feels so different and I'm actually documenting it here. Maybe because I just had a three-hour nap and wide awake hahaha you know I haven't tried ash tones in like forever, don't even remember when is the last time I had it, if I even had it. I love red and/or purple tones so it has always been that. The last time I had my hair done was in November 2013, just before I fly off to Japan. It was a three-tone autumn-inspired mix of browns and reds, really special.

So three months after, I'm back for a brand-new color yeah! 

Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually get my hair done like every other day lol

I made my appoointment just before the peak pre-holiday period with Director Amy at Number76 Bangsar 2 branch. So glad its open 10am until 10pm daily so I can hop over after work. Some like it during weekends but I prefer after work, because I'll have something to look forward to all day. With Number76, the results always come out to be a complicated mix of tones to the point that I don't even know what to call that color anymore hahahaha apparently it's all mixed according to the stylist's discretion, so it's all personalized, in a sense. As usual, I left it to Amy to decide and she asked if I wanted to try ash tones.

Hesitated a little (you know, comfort zone and all that) but she assured that it'll suit me and proceeded with the service without really revealing what she has in mind hahaha that's what I love about going to a favourite stylist, because they know you well enough to make decisions for you! Since young, the trauma of shitty haircuts at small-town auntie-salons still heavily lingered but in the last few years that I've been visiting Number76, I can barely believe that I have this ultimate level of trust with my stylist.

In about two hours, the results were revealed! 

I did the new signature Ultrasonic Premium hair treatment as well! Super love this range of treatments because they make my hair so fabulously smooth. The last time I did it, the effects lasted a month and half without proper home care. My hair is prone to tangles (like, literally, hair balls would pop up on the hair brush) so I know the effects have faded once I can't run my hands through it without getting stuck haha it differs for each person, so I guess I'm lucky? Hehe 

This time, it's a two-tone color with beige-ish brown-ish ash-ish base (see what I mean about defining color names) with deep plum ends. NO BLEACH, fuck yeah. Both cool and warm colors yay the best of both worlds! My fine hair texture responds well to colors and previous colors were also light tones, so don't have to specially bleach the ends to achieve such a vibrant purple. 

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

Even my colleagues thought it was different to see me in the cool brown tones. I've been really careful in making sure the color doesn't fade, so that it will last in time for Chinese New Year! Did you know that scalp shampoos can actually speed up the fading process? So yeah don't go there. Imma stick to shampoo for colors instead. It's been almost ten days and the purple ends seem to be still going strong. Phew. 

Just ten more days, sila bertahan! 

After ten days it looks like this:

Direct sunlight
Daytime outdoors
Daytime under shade

To be honest, these two-tone colors suit hair with waves or curls best because it looks more defined that way. I couldn't agree more and I'm so grateful that my hair is naturally wavy; can be easily styled for stronger waves. Usually I will blow dry my hair, apply hair care oil then twist it up in a bun. 

Sometimes I will go to sleep just like that, which will create tigher, longer-lasting curls. Otherwise I will do it in the morning, after another round of hair care oil, and let it go once I reach the office. I've had people asking if I permed my hair hahahah #action

After ten days, taken just this afternoon. 

Got a bit faded filter ok, which automatically makes the photo looks nicer haha don't know what logic but ok I accept and apply. Cheeks a little flushed from that bottle of Strongbow cider we had post-brunch. Damn, I want to blog about that brunch too, that was so incredibly epic. Anyway yah that's all! Super enjoying my new hair color and love it even more when random strangers ask me about it hahaha get your hair done also ok! Go make appointment at

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