Tuesday, June 9, 2015

JSP'12: Tokyo - First Day

Shit, three years backlogged post. How did time fly so damn fast?! I happen to land on one of my older posts and promptly caught that stupid wave of nostalgia. "Why am I not documenting my life anymore?" I thought to myself, clearly disappointed. Why narration like short story already wtf

So I gave myself an imaginary smack to force out that will to document stuff here again. But I can't simply move on without getting past the backlogged stuff first so...here we go again, Japan. Let's just see how long this sudden spurt of motivation will last hahahaha

This was back in March 2012, my first ever visit to good ol' Japan!

As a university student, I participated in this all-expenses paid trip to Japan. The program was called Japan Study Program. It was organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) Japan in conjunction with the one-year anniversary of the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster that pretty much shook the entire country. Pun not intended. 

The opportunity landed so suddenly. It was during a semester break that I got a call from my Japanese class teacher and she had apparently nominated me, all I had to do was answer some simple questions over the phone and next thing you know I've got my dates booked. Incredible!

The organizers actually went all the way to arrange flights out from Penang to KL, KL to Tokyo, just for me and my program buddy. The flights were via MAS and JAL, of course. As such, we landed in Narita Airport on 9 March 2012, with a handful of other Malaysians from other local universities. I guess that's one of the perks of studying in a local uni, there are always a variety of international programs and activities that you could participate in. Upon arrival, it was an experience of many firsts.

First airport landed in Japan. Wow.

First intake of air in Japan. Crisp and chilly.
I've never been to any colder countries before, this is a first too!

First look around Narita Airport.
We had some time to spare so we explored a little just outside.

First selfie in Japan.

First bunch of friends made in Japan.
It was at this point that we REALLY felt the cold!

Wafak pizza first lunch meal in Japan.

First hotel stayed in Japan - Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
I enjoyed the stay so much I came back here again on a personal trip.

First hotel room all to myself in Japan.

First view-from-above #ootd shot in Japan.

First sign of the upcoming springtime in Japan.

First bowl of rice for dinner in Japan.

First train station in Japan.
Always a wave of nostalgic whenever I come back here again.

First train ticket purchase in Japan. Nerve-wrecking. 

First train ticket in Japan. I still have it with me now. 
Because I thought I lost it and had to resort to tricks to get out of the station.

First..uhm..evening selfie in Japan.

First experience on board a train in Japan. 

First touristy shot in Japan.

First photographs of a national attraction in Japan.

 First recreational item purchased in Japan.

First time looking down a glass floor section of an observation floor in Japan.

First night-time city view photograph in Japan.

First time my ass touched the sacred grounds in Japan.

And that's it, a series of many firsts on my first day of my first trip to my first love, Japan.

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