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JSP'12: Tokyo - Fourth Day

The story continues, I'm on a roll! Be forewarned, this will be a long day ahead - one of the more recreational days of the program. I still remember we all got back to the hotel much more tired that the other days, but hey, fun times are fun times! As usual though, the day started with rain hahahaha I guess I can safely advice people not to go for a holiday in Tokyo in March. Don't do it, guys. 

Hujan gerimis. There's my favourite conbini at the distance haha!

The rain never gets to a heavy downpour like Malaysia though.

Breakfast of the day.

Pasta, scrambled egg, bacon, broccoli, carrots, cereal, yogurt and honey, lettuce, tomatoes.

The bacon is a little different from the America-style bacon, significantly less punch.  

Outfit color scheme of the day. A bit on the wild side. 

Thermal inner wear, black cotton hoodie, leopard-print cotton pants. Thick red jacket just in case.

A bit cray to be showing skin at this time of the year hahaha #yolo #youth

A further drive today as we headed towards Odaiba

I can't get enough of the assortment of buildings in Japan. Each with its own unique charm.

You know you're in Odaiba when the colorful ferris wheel is in sight. 

But don't get confused with the ferris wheel in Yokohama ok hahahaha

Another morning spent in the warmth of a lecture hall with a short session of talks.

Hello rakan-rakan Malaysia!

Topics of the day.

Really important people handling each talk sessions. Such an honour to be in their presence. 

After the talks, we headed towards downtown. Look, Teleport Station! 

Isn't it highly amusing hehe I love it! 

Not long after, this curious view came into sight. 

It is the iconic tower - Tokyo Skytree!

Foggy rainy day still going strong lol at that time, Tokyo Skytree has yet to be fully completed, though there was certainly a whole lot of hype and buzz surrounding it. It was officially opened for the public just a couple months after this little drive-around tour. Prior to the official opening, they even did a pre-book system for those keen to get in especially to access the observation decks. Now there's like a whole little town around the tower that serves as a shopping and entertainment complex. I've been so Japan so many times but have yet to have the chance to drop by for a visit so far. Next time okay!

A rare look at the base of the tower. I like this kind of perspective on things.

We soon arrived ROX Matsuriyu in downtown Asakusa. Skytree at the distance! 

ROX Matsuriyu is a super sento (public bath) with a wide range of services and facilities as compared to the more traditional sento. Here, there are 10 baths, 3 saunas, tv room, karaoke room, eateries, and a popular open-air bath with a direct view of Tokyo Skytree. It is located within walking distance from Asakusa train station. 

Unfortunately, we were there for lunch instead of a nice warm soak haha! 

The beautiful dining hall awaited our arrival.

But before that, a special treat for all - these lovely ladies welcomed our arrival.

Each time anyone walks in, they simultaneously bowed in the most graceful manner. 

Once every participant has arrived and seated, they took turns to introduce themselves. 

Love the little details on their kimono. It looks real heavy.

At the same time, lunch time! Let the noms begin!

While we were devouring the boxed lunch, there were ongoing performances as well.

Several rounds of mesmerizing dance routines.

To wrap it all up, a soothing play of the traditional Japanese musical instrument, koto. 

Took my chance to blend in with the locals.

I don't think I made the cut lolol

With our tummies filled and minds refreshed, we got on board the bus again! 

And headed towards....


Where all your otaku fantasies come true! 

Next thing I know, these strange characters were leading the way.

To an underground anime automobile exhibit that only those who knows about it, knows about it.

Super exclusive. Super out-of-the-world. Super "wow seriously."

It was one of those moments that makes me feel super blessed to be able to experience it. 

So it deserves an outdoor selfie hahahaha kidding wtf

As the skies darken, the temperature dropped. Hence the coat. 

At this marks the end of adventures in Akihabara. I feel that Akihabara has a distinctively different vibe from the rest of Tokyo, there's just an unexplainable buzz that permeates the atmosphere, I'd sense it as soon as I walk on the streets. It's like a secret that is hanging in the air. Maybe it's just the vibe of shared passions that doesn't need to be verbally expressed. Just a look and you'd know, "Ah this person is also into what I'm into. Respect bruh." After all, the interests of visitors in this part of town would generally fall into just a few categories. Meh, who knows? 

After that, we're back on the road again, heading back to Asakusa.

Yes, Asakusa is really near Tokyo Skytree haha! 

You'll know you're in Asakusa when you spot these traditional rickshaws.

Asakusa is well-known for its tempura. It is said that the concept of tenpura actually originated here, which is probably why there are a handful of tenpura-specialty restaurants within the area that have been in business for decades, if not more. We'll certainly be having tenpura for dinner! I don't remember what this particular tenpura restaurant is called but if you're going to Senso-ji, if you see the iconic Kaminarimon Gate with that red lantern in front of you, this restaurant is on the right. The first restaurant on the row of shops on your right. There's an upstairs too, which is where we headed.

No, it's not your eyes, it really is a blurry shot. #photographyfail

Behold, gloriously golden goodness.

Complete with a set of dipping sauce, gobo salad, pickled daikon, miso soup, and a bowl of rice.

Easily one of the best meals I've had throughout this program. Yum! 

Somehow, I still managed to find time to purchase this album hahahaha!

Can't believe it's been three years since this album was released!

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