Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've always, always wanted to get a tattoo. For the past few years I've been contemplating the same idea and somehow just didn't do anything about it hahahaha I guess I did have a few concerns back then before taking the plunge. These were some of my concern points:

  • Money
    Which poor student can afford to spend a few hundred on permanent skin deco? Plus after I got my first job, it still didn't really pay all that comfortably especially when I've just moved to KL and had other commitments to suck up my hard-earned cash hahahah

  • Timing
    You know, young and reckless youth and all, I don't want to be making permanent decisions at a phase where I am most impulsive. Plus nobody will take me seriously anyway so I think mid-twenties is a good sensible age to make such decisions. Especially when it comes to dealing with parents they're likely to go batshit crazy in response to your teenage rebellion actions but when you're a full fledged adults what can they say hehe

  • Career
    Which is another reason why I subconsciously waited till this point to actually get it done. Because some professions and companies don't tolerate tattoos. Luckily, my career choice makes this possible and I believe I'll be staying put in this industry. Plus I'm surrounded by people with tattoos every day, even in a Japanese company.

  • Onsen
    Don't laugh. Most public hot springs in Japan are inaccessible if you have a tattoo, even if it's a small tattoo of the cutest, harmless, happiest, most colorful, creature on earth, ink is ink. Thankfully the times have since changed a little and there are a few onsen places that can tolerate ink these day. A few. Like a smaaaall handful. Throughout Japan. But anyway, I got my onsen experience already last time in Fukushima, and I can just opt to book private onsen to enjoy next time hahahaha #lifestyleoftherichandfamous

Having addressed all those concerns a few months back, I decided to email the folks at Pink Tattoos for a quotation. I actually wanted to get two done, but in the end, decided for one first haha no money that time. In between emails, just as I was going to set an appointment for myself and Neh, I saw one of the artists posted on Instagram that she has an availability later that afternoon for small works. I texted Neh immediately and she's also keen to go for it. I contacted Fin and booked us in!

It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I got two words done on my left wrist and it feels just like having your skin scratched by those relatively expensive metal rulers we used back in school.

You know how prior to executing a big decision you get a little worried if you're making right choice and if whatever happens next will rock your world and there's a chance that you may regret it further down the road? That was how I felt before the session. How I felt after the session? Nothing, really.

Yes I liked the work of course, but the experience wasn't like, life-changing. I thought to myself, "That's it? I've contemplated so many years, and that's it?" Where do I sign up for my next session hahahaha bring on all the inks, I'm going to execute all my plans in the next few years.

My parents didn't notice until a month later, by the way. They reacted surprisingly normal.

"What is that? Is that permanent? Why don't you get it done on your butt instead" wtf

Anyway that feeling of almost-disappointment gnawed on my subconscious for more than a month, until I decided I should step it up and get a bigger work done to appease the monster. Dropped an email to Fin at Pink Tattoos, and scheduled a consultation. I still had no idea what I wanted at that time but I know it had to be related to my favourite country, Japan. We discussed for quite a bit during the consultation but still came up blank, until she mentioned Totoro and I was like, OMG TOTORO YES WHY DID I NOT THINK OF IT. She showed me an artwork of Totoro in origami style that she did, and I was on to the idea. We agreed on that, and set a date for the session.

Which was about a month or more after the consultation lol timing all out of order, because I was going for a trip to Vietnam soon and after that, Japan, and it wasn't recommended to travel about and be exposed to hot sunshine so quickly after its done. Ok I wait, and sent a few photos from my previous trips because I want a little background of some flowers I loved in Japan. I also said I'd like it to be mostly in black / white / gray, with a little pop of color.

I didn't know how the design will look like until I walked in for my session. I couldn't imagine how it will look but when Fin brought out the design I fell in love with it right away! It was perfect, one of those moments in life where you felt that someone else knows you better than you know you. The creature was a little too big for my preference though so she kindly re-did it smaller with larger flowers.

Perfect! It's about the size of my palm and I had it done on my right calf.

Boy, did it hurt after the first hour. It started off ticklish!

Tadaa! Fresh from the inker hahahaha Fin really enjoyed it too, which makes me happy! It swelled a little, and it continued to hurt throughout the next few days especially when I stand up, the blood rushes down and it felt like those leg cramps you get in the middle of the night. It really did hurt haha and it leaked a bit too. But that's good, that's life-changing. I finally got what I wanted lol now I already have two ideas I want to execute.

But uhm maybe next year when I'm not so broke fml

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