Saturday, July 4, 2015


Unf I love Vietnamese food. So light, so refreshing, so delicious! We got back from Vietnam not too long ago when Masterchef Xhawu had a craving for bánh mì and made lots to share! This woman is legit cray cray, with the homemade tau foo fah, cronuts, onde-onde, bún bò huế , marshmallows, etc etc that's insane right? Nobody makes marshmallows at home right? RIGHT? Nobody but Xhawu.

So we went over her place one late afternoon for bánh mì thịt.

Vietnamese-style sandwich with pork slices and pâté.

Everything, except the bread, was made from scratch. FROM SCRATCH. 

Including this glorious jar of super addictive pickled carrots and daikon. So incredibly crunchy, refreshing, and tasty. I don't usually go gaga over pickled stuff but this is so damn good I'm not even kidding. We almost finished the entire jar. It was THAT addictive. I'm so making my own next time!

She assembled the first bánh mì for instagram purposes.

First goes the cucumber strips, next the pork slices, next the pate, next the picked carros and daikon, and finally a special sauce for it. Complete with translucent paper around it, tied with a rubber band! 

It looks exactly like the ones we had in Vietnam! 

We asked, "What's in the pâté? How did you make it?"
She said, "You don't want to know." Jeng jeng jeng.

Xhawu and Bob, team serius bizness.

Fresh and Neh, team craycray.

But nu, seriusli, luk at tht crahzy eyes intenseety.

Nobody takes a bite until all photos are properly taken in the perfect lighting from the perfect angle in the perfect composition. The first few minutes of the meal were probably spent in silence, as the photos go through the vscocam editing process for the perfect update-worthy filter and perfect lighting adjustments hahahaha oh I forgot to mention, Xhawu even made lime-onade just like in Vietnam!

This was my "perfect" shot hahahaha

It was reaaaally good, we were made to have two each! That's like, two subways okay! 

First round was with a harder baguette that apparently hurt everyone's lelangit except mine and thus to conversation proceeded to concerns in regards to lelangits and other types of food that hurts it and what's wrong with sueann why can't she feel the lelangit pain wtf while the second round was with a softer baguette that everyone preferred over the first one. All the time I couldn't stop munching and adding on the picked carrots and daikon with every few bites, really, I'm borderline obsessed with it. 

Dinner's done. We moved on to cider and fresh strawberries. 

Probably the second or third time in my life that I purchased strawberries ever hahahaha 

We were all lounging on the couches and wanted to watch some movies. Unfortunately, the dvd player couldn't connect and the internet was causing streaming sites to lag, we finally ended up watching tv. Dumb and Dumberer, to be exact, it was so ridiculous we were judging all the way.

As it got closer to midnight, I pulled out this box of DIY deco-treats from Japan! 

Only Xhawu and I were enthusiastic though hahahaha the other two were like wtf what time wor now let us go home in peace y'all. But it wasn't a choice. We shall assemble the miniature doughnuts! 

Kanak-kanah bersuka ria

It didn't go too well though. My over-enthusiasm ruined certain formulas hahahaha

Xhawu had to take over to ensure nothing else fucks up fml

Neh decorating with "chocolate sauce". It really smells like chocolate though!

We took turns icing and decorating, to get these lovely doughnuts. Tadaaaaaa

Looks pretty legit right? Due to my mistake the vanilla-flavoured batch were too watery and gooey, barely holding up its shape. Xhawu did the chocolate-flavoured batch so it's much hardier! Here comes to unpleasant part, tasting these creations. We were't too looking forward to it but decided to go for it anyway because that's life right? It's the experiences that matter lolol bullshit. We took a small bite each at the same time, and all grimaced at the same time hahahahaha it wasn't totally bad, but it wasn't exactly heaven in my mouth either. It just tasted weird. Only the chocolate has distinctive flavor, the rest were just grey area sort of flavor. Really strange. 

There, looks exactly like the example on the box. 

We should have our own cooking reality tv show.

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