Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Hair Color at Number76 (Again!)

Finally got a new laptop after my faithful Dell died after seven years of service. 

I kinda saw it coming and backed up all my stuff (endless Arashi-related videos, basically) before so when it died, it just died. Luckily, Google has all my bookmarks saved on my account so all I have to do is load it up and I am back in my comfort zone. Can't wait to do more things on this laptop!

Lots of selfies ahead, by the way. You've been warned.

Since my previous hair post, I've had my hair cut about 3-5 inches shorter. 

With shorter hair comes healthier hair, because all the multiple-processed ends have been chopped off. My hair was silky smooth, shiny, and beautifully healthy again. I hated it. You see, I have fine, limp hair. Which basically means when my hair is healthy, it gets really stubbornly flat, and definitely un-glam #finehairproblems which is why I had to get some damage done pronto to look how I want it to look! So as usual, I went to look for my trusted hair magician Senior Director Amy from Number76 - the Bangsar 2 branch, and asked to be bleached at least once lol

I haven't had my hair bleached in forever so that was exciting. She went ahead with the task but decided to do a little balayage / gradation design, which means darker natural tones that flows down brighter in a smooth gradation. This means lesser need for frequent touch ups, that converts to longer time in between salon visits, that converts to value for money hahahaha so only the bottom part was bleached once. She gave a natural ash brown on top that flows down to dark ash beige. Subtle, but not too subtle, love love love!

I usually like warmer tones like red and purple, but Amy said to give cooler tones a shot this time and she's aboslutely right, as usual, it looks fabulous. Plus I had Milbon treatment done, so it didn't feel like my hair got super damaged at all. Getting bleach done is soooo underrated, I tell you. It really shouldn't be intimidating at all. Plus whatever japanese bleach that the Number76 stylists use at doesn't seem to be as damaging as those auntie salon brands that I tried last time back in Kuantan lol

So Amy told me that we'll do another round of bleach on my next visit. The dark ash beige started fading off as per usual for bleached hair, and in a couple of weeks it went to a slight green tinge that wasn't really my cup of tea, personally. So I arranged another visit for a brighter tone this time hehe

My hair ends were bleached again, but she said let's try a brighter, darker base. What does that even mean hahahah as usual, I just left the decision to her and waited for the results to come out to see what color she made it to be. When I did see it, I really had no idea how to describe it.

Neither did she hahahaha apparently it's a mix of blue / gray / green / black. What even.

It looks like midnight blue in the shade, and shines more brightly with an ash tone in the sun, The color tones look different under different lighting and angles. It's incredible, and I'm in love! It's been three weeks since, and I still can't get over how beautifully it fades. Every wash slightly alters the tones, and I wash every day so it's a new tone every day haha! Let me here the fading process, because fading is sooo underrated, you've no idea.

A week after - the gray comes out to play.


Moving into the second week after - the tones get more translucent in the sun.

In the shade, a brighter clash of blue and gray.

My hair still so shiny and soft thanks to Number76's Ultrasonic treatment hehe

Two weeks after - blue and gray tones faded into softer hues.

In the sun, it looks almost silver in some angles. Sukaaaaaa.

In this cooler lighting, the blue tones peek out more strongly.

Three weeks after - with a slight green tinge, the gray is here to stay.

Oh I love it, and I love how it lasted longer than I thought it would. 

Now why did I purposely damage my hair only to go for the Ultrasonic treatment again? 

Because while the bleach and color has permanently altered my hair texture to a coarser, rougher feel (for the better, in my case) but I still want to avoid tangles that lead to hair breakage and frankly I can't afford to lose any more hair, because I never had too much to begin with hahahah now with this new "damaged" hair texture, my hair is so much more voluminous and manageable, and still soft to the touch. 

I'm glad my stylist knows exactly what I want for my hair, thank you, Amy! 

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