Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ala Carte Buffet at Sozo Japanese Restaurant

I love ala carte buffets, especially Japanese ala carte buffet.
I generally do not enjoy hustling with strangers for food, especially when those with no respect for food throws it around carelessly, and there's always food wastage which is the complete opposite of the Japanese spirit. 

That's why personally, I believe ala carte is the best way to really enjoy a freshly prepared meal at the comfort of your own pace! Recently met up with Hapsters for an ala carte dinner buffet at Sozo Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Giza Mall. On those rare times that I'd venture so far away from homebase, you'd know that my motivation is definitely the promise of gooooood food! Can't wait!

 I left work early enough to catch the glorious sunset.

Upon arrival we were ushered into the restaurant. 

There's an outdoor area too, but well, aircon is my life.

The interior decoration concept is simple and cozy, I like it. Focus on the food, not the embellishment. Good philosophy lol with stomachs grumbling, let's start ordering! The menu is extensive. EXTENSIVE. I was genuinely impressed, and fairly excited too hahahaha it took quite a bit of time for the few of us to properly decide on what to eat. Everything in the menu looks so good, which naturally made us want to order everything. How??? #firstworldproblems

Carols couldn't stand it anymore and took charge with the orders hahahaha itadakimasu!

Ebi Tempura
One of my must-haves whenever I visit Japanese restaurants. It's such a simple dish but so damn hard to perfect. The perfect tempura has to be crisp on the outside, soft and juicy fresh on the inside. Sozo's version is pretty close to the perfect tempura, I did enjoyed it! 

Soft Shell Crab Karaage
Unf another classic must-order. Hot from the pan and perfectly crispy, delish!

Unagi Tofu
Grilled eel on top of fried tofu. Such a simple but nicely done dish. The stronger flavors of the grilled eel goes really well with the softer, delicate flavors of tofu. 

Chuka Idako
Baby octopus seasoned in thick, red bean sauce. A classic cold side dish! 

Oyster Aburi Carpaccio 
The fresh oysters are topped with a special sauce that gives it a lively kick. I don't recall the exact ingredients but the impression that it did give a bright flavor punch to the oysters still remains. 

Salmon Skin
YUMS! Coco really wanted to order this and I'm so glad she did! I don't usually go for fried salmon skin due to the fear of cold, soggy, chewy salmon skin but this is reeeeally good. Light, crisp, crunchy!

Unagi Roll
Sushi rolls with cucumber, crab stick, tamagoyaki, topped with grilled eel and more tamagoyaki, drizzled in teriyaki sauce. Pretty decent, the cucumber gives it a good crunch.

Koebi Karaage
I love these deep-fried shrimps! Light to the bite and incredibly crispy, I could snack on this all day. Wished we had ordered another round of this, so addictive hahahah!

Saba Shioyaki
Mackerel grilled with salt to bring out the natural flavors of the fish. Hands down, my favourite dish of the meal that night. PERFECTLY COOKED. The crisp skin soon reveals the tender, wonderfully moist, perfectly cooked fish meat below. So good, Carols love it too! Mackerels are officially one of my favourite fishes to enjoy like this. Wished I have more stomach space for another! 

Stewed pork in a secret signature sauce. The pork was so tender we could easily break it apart (for sharing) with just chopsticks. Delicious. Compliments to the chef of Sozo Japanese Restaurant!

Ikura Salmon Aburi
Cured salmon roe on top of seared salmon sushi. Salmon oyako-sushi, basically. A bit on the rich, creamy dish category. Best to share with a few friends!

Mango Soft Shell Crab Salad
Because we couldn't get enough of the  deliciously fried soft shell crab, and also had to make ourselves feel better with a little healthy fruits and vegetables hahahaha

Perfectly grilled smelt, with pregnant bellies yum yum yum. I still remember when I was working as a part timer in a Japanese restaurant last time, the Japanese customers ALWAYS order at least two batches of shishamo at each meal. They love it so much, goes great with drinks, I heard.

Sashimi Moriawase
What would a meal in a Japanese restaurant be without fresh, succulent sashimi?? It was so good, the gang whacked it all off in mere minutes, no complains at all. The slices were just the right thickness, fresh, firm, delicious! We had two baof these. Or was it three? Hehehe

Chilli Scallop
A bit of a Chinese-style cooking going on here, which actually is really common in Japan. I didn't try this dish though, because I can't take chilli but Hapsters loved it so much they ordered another plate soon after. Eric basically walloped a whole plate by himself haha!

I LOVE GYOZA. GYOZA IS MY LIFE. Everyone knows Gyoza HAS to be pork to be any close to being good. Well, this is pork. This is good. Mmm I want some gyoza some now. 

No buffet is ever complete without ice cream though.

In a corner lies the ice cream freezer where we can take as much as we like. 

Unlimited ice cream mmm a kid's dream come true. And since it's self-serve, don't have to order from the servers paiseh only later they judge you take five scoops twice how hahahahah I took a scoop of coffee, and my favourite flavor ever - yam. I love yam ice cream like anything! Sozo Japanese Restaurant also offers the classic favourites such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and green tea!


Yes there is an option where you can choose to have sake as part of the buffet, hurrah!

Do you know that in the Japanese language, "sake" actually refers to alcoholic drinks in general? Hahaha the term "nihon-shu" is usually used instead to refer to these traditional Japanese rice wine. That night, we were served the classic favourite Otokoyama (Man's Mountain, literally). Otokoyama has been made for hundreds of years, I dare say almost every adult that drinks in Japan is familiar with this particular brand. So I was really glad the this restaurant served it, free flow, no less! Let's talk prices.

Lunch Buffet : RM48
Dinner Buffet : RM55+
Buffet + Sake : RM100+

Mind, there is a two-hour time limit for these buffet. Way enough time, I can promise you. Alternatively, you can also visit to order any of the individual dishes that you like. The ala carte menu, and ala carte buffet menu, is the same! Full menu and additional info can be found on the Facebook page - Sozo Japanese Restaurant.

Sozo Japanese Restaurant
13-G, Block A, Sunway Giza,
Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operation Hours: 11.30AM till 10.00PM, daily.

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