Saturday, September 19, 2015

Anime Cinemusic - Don't Miss It!

THIS IS SO EXCITING. Honestly, I did vaguely hear of an anime-themed orchestra concert coming up in Kuala Lumpur but didn't put too much thought into it because I've been so out of touch with the scene ever since I graduated from the anime-obsessed phase back in my secondary school times.

That is, until I saw the official event poster released over social media. 

If I could turn back time I'd go back and hit my ignorant self in the head, in addition to uhm many other things I'd do to rewrite history hahahaha but really, how dare my past-self so casually paid no heed to Anime Cinemusic, when it is scheduled to feature only the most legendary of all names in the anime history of Japan. 


It doesn't get better than that. OR DOES IT.

Wicked Factory Entertainment has brought together young musical talents across the country to present Anime Cinemusic, a visual and auditory treat for anime fans in Malaysia. Yes, that means this special musical journey will include visuals from the featured anime and games. I can already anticipate all the thrills and irrepressible goosebumps that I'll get on that night. Allow Nino here to illustrate my guaranteed feels.

 photo giggly.gif

The concert, to be conducted by Mr. Chan Ling Chee, will incorporate melodies from classic anime films by the illustrious (also my absolute favourite) Studio Ghibli such as My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited away, Castle in the Sky, and Howl's Moving Castle, all composed by the brilliant Joe Hisaishi. 

Do you know that Hisaishi has won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Music seven times!!  

Besides Studio Ghibli, Anime Cinemusic will also feature music from the most talked about anime of this season Attack on Titan, the worldwide phenomenon that is the Final Fantasy video game series, as well as classic Japanese favourites - Gundam Collection and Zelda Overworld

I'm legit excited. Particularly for Studio Ghibli, Attack on Titan, and Final Fantasy! Sure, I've never played Final Fantasy in my life but I've watched it being played as a child, and I am fairly aware of the concept. Like the concept of one particularly good-looking dude that is Cloud Strife hahahaha

Complete with flawless hair. Unf. 

I'm really impressed with Wicked Factory Entertainment, for putting so much effort in organizing this event to reintroduce these familiar, well-loved anime and games to the reality of every day life in Kuala Lumpur. It's also a great platform to showcase potential local musical talents, by providing this opportunity that allows youth to collaborate and have fun while pursuing their artistic dream. Anime Cinemusic will be held at the Galaxy Banquet Hall, HGH Convention Center on 13 Oct 2015 (Tuesday), 8PM - 10PM. Ticket prices and seating charts here. 

Tickets can be purchased from AirAsia RedTix outlets below:

Rock Corner
The Gardens
Subang Parade
The Curve
Bangsar Village

Victoria Music
Sungai Wang
Amcorp Mall
Tropicana City Mall

Artist Gallery
Gurney Plaza
Queensbay Mall

Alternatively, tickets can also be purchased online through AirAsia RedTix.

For more information, visit Anime Cinemusic on Facebook! SEE YOU THERE!

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