Monday, September 14, 2015

MTV World Stage 2015

Oh my gosh I had such a blast last night watching my new interest band, SEKAI NO OWARI, perform live at MTV World Stage 2015, held at Sunway Surf Beach! I knew they were coming to Malaysia weeks before and started asking around for passes hehe #shameless luckily Beh got me in! 

Woke up (relatively) early and got my ass to the surf beach.

The haze game was strong but ain't no weather bringin me down!

I love the creative concept, so much random cray with mad bursts of colors! 


By 4.30PM the gates were opened and the crowd, the crowd came rushing in like a nobody's business. I was already in before that (teehee) and got to watch the first few guests coming in. Sorry, I mean, RUNNING IN. Like crazily running in with wild eyes, and I had to quickly get out of their way or risk being trampled to death. It was intense.  Now that all's settled, let's get the party started!


They were the second performer of the night, and I was still way back when it started. Managed to catch the first song on a super sharp projector screen, how thoughtful of MTV! Everything on stage looked crystal clear, I was almost tempted to stay and watch from the screen throughout. 

But no I had to get proper photographs for Instagram lol so into the crowd I went.

The set started with the latest single, ANTI-HERO!
This song is most widely known as the soundtrack for Attack On Titan, live-action movie!

Fukase introduced the group after that, and spoke a few sentences in perfect Malay. I'm so impressed! He said they had many good food in Malaysia, such as laksa, satay, char kueh teow hahahaha shit I wish I had stalked them around town wtf they later continued with a few songs that I'm not too familiar with. Fukase's pronunciation in English is pretty spot on.The stage concept is mesmerizing, isn't it? 

I love the synchronization of colors and lights, plus the mad play of lazer lights during Death Disco. The crowd really got hyped up. So damn cool, unf. Hats off to the brilliant MTV Asia team, and SEKAI NO OWARI! 

For the second final track, they performed SOS, also from the soundtrack of Attack On Titan. Everyone really got along to it, gently swaying their arms in the air to the slower tune. An instant favourite of mine! I literally got goosebumps at the chorus, nu kidding. It's THAT heart-achingly good. Don't you let your heart grow numb to everyone ♫♫ Fukase looked amazing, btw. What's up with vocalists being so damn hot? Btw, he seems to have been dating Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for a few years, perhaps till recently. Dayums.

It ended with my ultimate favourite - DRAGON NIGHT! FAAAK SO ONS! 

After that I was done with the night hahahaha matlamat berjaya dicapai. Hung around, grabbed some food, grabbed some drinks, and chilled the rest of the night with birthday girl, Beh!

After Carly Rae Jepsen took the stage, it took a while for the stage of set up for the next performer, but finally Jason Derulo appeared and took his turn to wow the crowd. I'm not a big fan of either, so we just hung at the back and casually layan a bit the music hahahaha the performances finally ended about 11.30PM. 

Ended with a big bang of fireworks, NAIS! 

All in all, I'm thrilled to have had this opportunity to watch SEKAI NO OWARI perform live in Malaysia! So incredible! When I got home, I also found out that they were guests on this week's Arashi Ni Shiyagare, despite having just been guests in an episode earlier this year. Damn, they must be getting really really popular in Japan! So grateful to have seen them in person, even from so far away hahaha mucho mucho mucho gracias to Beh for letting me enjoy this night! SEKAI NO OWARI, till we meet again! 

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