Saturday, January 2, 2016

Unlimited Internet Access in Taiwan!

WHAT! ( *゚ ロ゚ ) How did January happen so suddenly??

It feels like just last month that I got back from my week-long trip to Taiwan with my favourite Beh. 

Man, that was exciting. At that time, I don't think I've travelled so much across a country before as I did Taiwan. We started off in Yilan before heading to Shifen, Jiufen and finally, Taipei where we took many day trips to spots of interest outside the city such as Beitou and Yehliu Geopark. Intense.

In preparation for trips abroad, I'm always a tad anxious about connectivity. Without an internet connection, how else would my instagram / snapchat friends know every single detail of my trip?? 

To miss that would be unforgivable. Everyone on social media must know my location check-ins, my lunch, my journey, my #ootd, my #fotd, my #hotd, my dinner, my stay for the night, my sights, my travel buddy's strange quirks and all that plus surviving in a chinese-speaking country where I can't speak chinese to save my life. 

All hail google translate! Let's get me some internet!

Carols told me about i-WiFi!

i-WiFi is a pocket wifi provider dedicated to providing travellers internet connectivity all over Taiwan. All you need to do to enjoy unlimited internet access throughout your trip is book the mobile router online and next thing you know it'll be waiting for you at the airport. That's right! i-WiFi actually arranges for a staff to wait for you at the airport arrival hall and pass the device over with a quick guide on how to use it. Turn on button, use internet. Turn off button, no more internet. It doesn't get any easier than that hahahah our flight got slightly delayed and we were so relieved that the staff patiently waited for us the whole time! When it comes to travelling, convenience is key. I'm so glad we didn't have to worry about looking for a booth or post office to pick it up.  

While up to ten devices can share high speed internet access provided by one mobile router, this trip only Beh and I shared it. Honestly, speaking on behalf of the both of us, the experience using i-WiFi was forgettable. In a good way! o(≧∇≦ o) All we had to do was turn it on in the morning, place it in my backpack, and start spamming instagram from day till night without giving it any further thought.

Daily routine - turn on i-WiFi in the morning! 

The connection was fast and smooth - far superior in comparison to my current mobile data in Malaysia fml - plus it didn't break at any point and we didn't even have to think about until we got back to the hotel and took it out to charge at night. The reach was great too throughout the places that we visited in Taiwan. Here are some of the spots that we explored and amazingly, still enjoyed on point internet connectivity with i-WiFi.

Stalking whales off the coast of Yilan County.

No luck for whales, but plenty for dolphins! 

Had to post it up on instagram right away. Dolphins, guys, dolphins!

Stopped by Turtle Island ( 龜山島 ) , instagram-ready phone in hand!  

Next, we headed to Shifen and Jiufen for some traintracks #ootd shots lol

All rivers and mountains. You'd expect the i-WiFi to weaken here but it didn't!

Underground tunnels at the Gold Museum in Jinguashi. 

Stuffed our faces with street food from Keelung Night Market in, well, Keelung.

On the forever-buzzing whatsapp group chat, Neh was saying that she hardly saw April in my photos so I quickly took this selfie and posted it up right away on snapchat hahahahaha

Finally in Taipei! Looking for hipster cafes at Yong Kang Street!

Dinner with a magnificent view all the way up in Yangming Mountain, Taipei

We also got to watch live bands perform at the EZ5 Live House, Taipei that night!

Daytrip to the strange rock formations of Yehliu Geopark on the next day! 

Took a gondolo uphill to Maokong Mountain. i-WiFi still going strong!

Enjoyed a quiet teatime at the top, with tea leaves grown at the mountains. 

Another day trip - this time to Beitou Hot Spring Town!

Night time train rides = email time. Work never stops, thank god for internet! 

On the final day of the trip, just pack up the mobile router in this little bag, seal it inside an envelope (provided in advance) and drop it off at any nearby 7-Eleven to return it. Simple! No shipping charges either!

Definitely worth the affordable rate of NTD100 / day, which sums up to about RM13 / day. 

BUT! If you book through this special promotion link - - it'll only cost NTD80 / day, which is about RM11 / day. That's suuuuuper affordable! You know, if you sign up for roaming data on your mobile telco that'll cost you like RM36-38 already. Three times more expensive! Compare yourself! 
You've been such a pleasure to bring along, i-WiFi. 

Thank you for being such a reliable travel companion through seas, mountains, and cities. I'm highly recommending this to all my friends and if I ever return to Taiwan, mark my words, I'll be using i-WiFi again.

By the way, all opinions shared are genuinely my own, I am under no obligation to talk to highly about the experience hahaha seriously. Get it gurl get it get it gurl. I'll talk more about my trip's itinerary soon! After I'm done sharing about a few more pending Japan trips hahahahah

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