Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Welcome to the Late-Twenties

If I were to sum up this entire year, I'd say it's the year of...realizing stuff lolol brownie points if you get this reference. It really is though, this year I started realizing how much I've aged sigh

Kids, when you've reached your mid-twenties it's all downhill from there on hahahahaha

Here are some things that have changed for me.

  1. Sleep
    Gone are the days where I can function as a capable human being with just 5-6 hours of sleep. Any less than 7 hours these days will result in body aches, stiff joints and low energy. 8 hours is just well enough to function. 9-10 hours? Pure bliss. You know that fuzzy brain effect like your brain is floating around in the morning after you pull an all-nighter back in university? Yeah it can happen now even with 5-6 hours of sleep.
  2. Aches 
    The struggle is real. Sitting in front of the pc at work all day brings greater consequences at this age. Shoulder, neck and back aches. At least three joints crack when I get up from the bed in the morning. I always carry a backpack when I travel and back in November during the company trip, my shoulders ached so badly carrying it all day that I had to quickly get salonpas at the drugstore. God bless japanese drugstores. Salonpas continued to be my best friend the entire week after that.
  3. Coffee
    Used to identify as a tea person because I just didn't like the bitter taste of coffee, even with sugar and/or milk. The only coffee I'd drink are those in Vietnam because they either mix it up with condensed milk until it tastes as sweet as kopiko or add-in other yummy stuff such as yogurt or whipped egg whites (true story). Now I can drink it black and actually enjoy the complex taste. It still doesn't work to keep me awake though.

                                       One fifth condensed milk. So good though! Ah I miss Vietnam!
  4. Moisture
    Or more precisely, the lack thereof. I'm obsessed with moisturizers, lotions, butters and oils but I realize that these days, it's no longer just an enjoyable process for better-looking skin. It has become a necessity to simply maintain skin condition. Skin is visibly deteriorating with the appearances of fine lines, rough patches and overall dullness. My lips get cracked if I don't diligently apply lipbalm. I am now the proud owner of about ten sticks of lipbalm haha but yes, time to invest more on skincare than makeup. *adds to cart
  5. Generation Gap
    Argh did this elders think this of us too back then? Not strictly generation but just the new wave of young people entering the society. I know it's not fair to generalize, but just let me rant okay. Self-entitled, privileged, ignorant and spoilt. There, I've said it and it feels pretty damn good.
  6. Social
    Less energy to socialize, I guess. Or is it less patience to deal with people's bullshit? I'd rather stay home to watch japanese variety shows than go through the hassle of putting on makeup, choosing what to wear, driving all the way to the city, finding parking, hang out for a bit then a whole day gone just like that. Don't get me wrong, I've (almost) never regretted going out for fresh air and all but just the thought of the hassles make me feel so unmotivated lol and more often that not I look forward to going home whenever I'm out. I suppose that mood to go out to be around people doesn't come by as often as it used to.

  7. Makan
    My tastebuds are into tangy, spicy food these days. All these while I was never quite familiar with the concept of  jelak  and couldn't get enough of creamy, heavy type of food but now, there are times where I find these a bit too much. I still love it, but more often than not I'd choose to go with light foods like my new favourite cuisine - Vietnamese! Fuk yeah!

  8. Questions
    Or rather, worries. About the past, present and future.
But there are also positive happenings! Like financial security, that's a huge plus. I realized this when I started to stop by for a look at the new arrivals instead of heading straight towards the sale / clearance racks in shops. Being able to afford at least a holiday getaway or two a year is great too. That's about it though lol good luck, self.

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