Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chasing Sakura in Saitama

Thought I'd separate this post since it marks my first ever encounter with cherry blossoms!

SAKURA. FINALLY. I thought I'd completely miss it since it usually peaks in the first week of April and there I was arriving in early-mid-April. On the way to Saitama from Tokyo, in the train, I did catch sight of a few lone blooming trees and my heart swelled at the pretty, pretty view. It felt like I was in a Japanese drama; so unreal.

Brain had a hard time processing that I am really here, springtime in Japan.

When I got to Konosu, on the way to the farm house, there was also a small neighbourhood park lined with few blooming cherry blossom trees. You know how in dramas or movies there's always an entire stretch of cherry blossom trees blooming so exuberantly? To see a few lone trees in stark contrast against the plain park made the pale pink blossoms stand out so much more in its common everyday surroundings.

I didn't get to fully enjoy the final glories of the blooms until several days later when the host brought me to visit Sakitama Kofun Park さきたま古墳公園 a designated National Historic Site, home of nine ancient burial mounds.

It isn't as morbid as it sounds though with its spacious plains, beautiful path lined with cherry blossom trees and grassy hills that I wouldn't expect to be burial mounds unless specifically told so.
Apparently the name Saitama originated from Sakitama.

Okay end of history class lol photo taime!

Even the parking space looks like a drama scene with the carpet of fallen petals on the road.

Park entrance lined with sakura trees. 

The park is huge and it is so so so relaxing to stroll around. 

Some families enjoying a leisurely picnic under the sakura trees. 

Close up the delicate flowers. 


Can't get enough of these sakura-lined paths! 

Especially pretty against blue skies and cottony clouds 

#blessed hahahahaha 

Time for some light workout - going up the keyhole-shaped burial mounds. 

Like a family-focused commercial don't you think so? Haha 

Even the stairs going up are so pretty 

Amazing views from top of the mounds. 

Sadly, the season was ending. There were more petals on the ground than the trees. 

On the next day few days, there was a series of strong winds that were said to have completely stripped the loose petals from blooming trees and officially marked the end of sakura season. Woar lucky me then!

And that concludes my one and only experience viewing the iconic Japanese sakura blossoms in the springtime of 2014. What an unforgettable experience! Sharing about it here brings back all the pleasant memories of the brief, but memorable visit. Wonder when will I have the chance to see it again? Sponsors welcome hahaha

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